Upskilling, Education & Certificate Programs for Healthcare Professionals in India

Diabetes Academy by University of Melbourne, Australia

E-learning course with evidence-based update for clinicians on the novel medications and emerging technologies available to improve health outcomes. Read More..

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia

An independent, internationally renowned medical research facility, with a history spanning more than 90 years in tackling obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease through research, education and patient care. KnowDiabetes has internationally acclaimed experts from Baker to deliver online education programs for healthcare professionals in the Indian sub-continent. 

Advanced Diabetes Certificate Course by NADC & Australian Diabetes Society (ADS)

E-learning course for healthcare providers in a range of general care settings with current knowledge of diabetes management and clinical guidelines. Read More..

International Associate Membership of Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA)

Annual membership for healthcare professionals with a diabetes focussed practice and interested in achieving better clinical outcomes through diabetes education. Read More..

International Network Membership of NADC & Australian Diabetes Society (ADS)

NADC member get access to diabetes resources and tools via this ‘member only’ section which includes NADC training packages, video presentations and PowerPoint slides, conference presentations, webinars, position descriptions and click links to national & international guidelines. Read More..