"Diabetes is a complex condition. KnowDiabetes is the first program of its kind in Australia to merge the expertise and easy access to a pharmacist with nutrition support and health guidance from an accredited dietitian. "

Dr. Alan Barclay

  • An accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist with nearly 30 years of experience in clinical dietetics, public health and academia.
  • Completed a PhD at the University of Sydney on the association between carbohydrate (starches and sugars) and the risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases like type 2 diabetes.
  • An honorary associate at the University of Sydney
  • Consultant to the Glycemic Index Foundation.
  • Head of Research at the Australian Diabetes Council / Diabetes Australia NSW from 1998-2014.
  • Alan appears frequently in newspapers, magazines, radio and television news.
  • Authored or co-authored 5 books including Reversing Diabetes.

Module 1: Overweight, obesity and Very Low Energy Diets (VLED)

Duration: 45 minutes
• Introduction
• Overweight and obesity prevalence
• What are the consequences of the global overweight and obesity epidemic?
• Overweight, obesity and impaired glucose metabolism
• Can Type 2 diabetes be prevented or put into remission?
• Weight loss
• Energy restriction – Very low, low, and reduced energy diets
• Efficacy of VLEDs versus other diets

Module 2: Physiology, regulations and VLED composition in Australia

Duration: 45 minutes
• Physiological mechanisms: overweight, obesity and impaired glucose metabolism
• Reversing these physiological processes using VLEDS
• VLED compositional requirements
• Recommending a VLED

Module 3: VLEDs in clinical practice

Duration: 45 minutes
• Overview of the KnowDiabetes Diabetes Prevention and Remission Program
• Resources
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Practical and psycho-social issues (preparation, adherence, eating disorders, cravings, and quality of life)

Module 4: KnowDiabetes program implementation structure

Duration: 45 minutes
• Navigation of the online resources
• Session-wise implementation walk-through
• Quick links

Diabetes Prevention & Remission Course

Program Objective:
  • Identify people who are at clear risk of developing type 2 diabetes based on the current scientific evidence base.
  • Once identified to be at risk people will be invited to join the Diabetes Prevention & Remission Program
At Pharmacydiabetes, we invite you to strengthen your clinical practice by learning from our experts or be recognised as an expert by sharing your experiences and giving back to community by supporting others

A comprehensive approach - It’s for everyone!

The KnowDiabetes programs uses a comprehensive approach to health goals. 

The Pharmacists play a vital role in screening individuals who could benefit from the KnowDiabetes program. Pharmacists are experts in medications, and they play a crucial role to help you get started.  

Accredited dietitians play a central role working closely with each person to create personalised and sustainable meal plans. They provide evidence-based dietary advice, promote portion control, and guide individuals towards healthier food choices to manage weight.


Ongoing Support - Regular follow-up is crucial.

In the KnowDiabetes program, the pharmacists will track people’s progress, conduct periodic check-ins, and offer program resources written in plain English to ensure people are staying on track and making necessary adjustments as needed.

By providing ongoing support and encouragement, the program helps individuals stay motivated and committed to achieving their health goals.

Progress tracker - Achievable goals

Diabetes prevention or remission are both challenging but achievable goals. Having the right support system in place can make a positive difference in a person’s journey.

Achieving remission or prevention requires dedication and perseverance. The progress doesn’t always go as per the plan and positive reinforcement and recognition of progress can boost confidence and determination. 

Acknowledging progress, even if it’s incremental, can inspire continued dedication to the remission journey.

Human touch - Support System

Motivational videos and diet hacks have limited value.

Diabetes remission can be met with challenges, and having a support system of real professionals  – pharmacist and a dietitian in the KnowDiabetes program can provide valuable problem-solving skills and coping strategies. 

Encouraging resilience and providing guidance during challenging times can help individuals stay focused on their goals.