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Diabetes Academy – Created and Certified by University of Melbourne, Australia


Diabetes Academy – What’s New in Diabetes?” is an important clinical update discussing the keys to treatment for diabetes. The course is intended to increase the knowledge and confidence of clinicians caring for people with diabetes.
This e-learning course provides an evidence-based update for clinicians on the novel medications and emerging technologies available to improve outcomes in people with diabetes. Clinical case studies using video vignettes and multiple-choice questions are designed to optimise comprehension and learning.

What’s New in Diabetes Program Offers


Course Outline -10 Interactive Tutorials 

  1. Essential Update on Diabetes Care
  2. GLP1 Analogues
  3. SGLT2 Inhibitors
  4. DPPIV Inhibitors
  5. Update on Insulin Pumps
  6. Update on Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  7. Pregnancy in Diabetes
  8. Management of Hypertension in Diabetes
  9. Hyperlipidemia in Diabetes
  10. New Insulins


Certificate of Completion

International Associate Members receive online certificates with CPD points upon completion of e-learning modules. Some of the topics covered include:
  • Supporting diabetes self-management
  • Pathophysiology and diagnosis
  • Glucose monitoring – new technology and devices
  • Oral glucose lowering medication
  • Injectable therapies – insulin and glucagon like peptide receptor agonists)
  • Lifestyle factors – nutrition, exercise and weight management
  • Diabetes and pregnancy
  • Microvascular associated health issues – nephropathy, neuropathy, retinopathy


Learning Outcomes

1. Manage the comprehensive care of a patient with diabetes to prevent medication risks and reduce the risk of diabetes complications.
2. Discuss the indications and benefits of novel medications in diabetes management, including GLP1 analogues, SGLT2 inhibitors and DPPIV inhibitors.
3. Describe the current guidelines and management of diabetes in pregnancy.
4. Use evidence-based guidelines for assessment and management of hypertension, including the use of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring.
5. Evaluate the care of a patient with new technologies such as an insulin pump or continuous glucose monitoring device.


Program Feedback

” I have taken many courses in diabetes management and I should say this course was something else. It is interactive, covers a wide range of topics in diabetes management and contains videos of real patient examination as well as patient education. The videos make you feel you are visiting patients beside an expert endocrinologist and what can be greater than that!”

– Diabetes Specialist from Australia


Clinical updates discussing treatment for diabetes


Video vignettes and multiple-choice questions


Increase the clinicians knowledge and confidence

Implementation Support


  • Online doctor registration
  • Program login details
  • Artwork for program promotion


  • Program registration report
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Reminder e-mails


  • Certificate from University of Melbourne
  • Completion report to Corporate
Total course duration: 6 months OR as agreed