KnowDiabetes® Gestational

A wellness program that cares
for you & your baby when diabetes
occurs during pregnancy

One on one personalised
tele-health sessions covering

Do the appointments from the comfort of your home.
Video consultations conducted online via simple and
secure tele-health.


How is Gestational Diabetes managed


Physical & mental wellbeing


Monitoring blood glucose


Pregnancy weight gain & more…

Program designed by

Justine Darling

Credentialled Diabetes Educator & Clinical Nurse Specialist

Justine has 30+ years’ experience working in the public and private health sectors. At present she is the Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Royal Hospital for women in Sydney where she is responsible for providing clinical management, psychological support and education to a wide range of people with diabetes. Her passion and specialty is Diabetes in pregnancy and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) where she frequently attends national and international conferences in these areas.

Dr Amanda Beech

Obstetric Medicine Physician & Endocrinologist

Dr Beech is an obstetric medicine physician and endocrinologist with an interest in women’s health across all ages. She has a breadth of experience in preconception counselling, managing medical disorders of pregnancy including pre-eclampsia, gestational and pre-existing diabetes, thyroid disease and hyperemesis. Amanda has a special interest in reproductive endocrinology, menopause and osteoporosis, including the prevention of secondary fractures in women and men with osteoporosis.

Listen to Justine & Dr Amanda
about the program

How does it work?

3 personalised tele-health sessions with health professionals who specialise in diabetes who will help you and your family learn how to monitor and manage your blood glucose levels during your pregnancy.

On signing up, you will receive appointment confirmation via e-mail to your account at your appointment time to start your session.

Program details

You will be billed $295 for the total program.
Program includes 3 personalised sessions 

Session 1: Long session of approx. 45 min – 60 min
Session 2: Short session of approx. 20 min – 30 min
Session 3: Short session of approx. 20 min – 30 min