KnowDiabetes® Health Insurance

People with diabetes represent some of the highest
annual healthcare cost in Australia. Average annual
healthcare cost per person with diabetes is $4,025 and
can rise to as much as $9,645 with associated complications. 

(Diabetes: the silent pandemic and its impact on Australia – Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute 2012)

Structured diabetes care result in sustained improvements in health outcomes, reduced use of hospital services and mortality for people with Type II Diabetes

 (Lowe et al 2009).

The total annual economic cost of diabetes in Australia has been estimated at $14.6 billion.

Annual health costs are more than twice as high for people with diabetes complications as for people without complications.

If diabetes education was available for the entire population of people with diabetes in Australia, the total averted burden could be around $6.1 billion per annum

Improved care and management of people with diabetes can substantially reduce the economic burden of diabetes.

KnowDiabetes programs and services delivered by qualified diabetes experts aim to improve health outcomes for people living with diabetes, leading to reductions in healthcare costs.

KnowDiabetes® Programs & Services.

1. Coaching on Demand

Online delivery of evidence-based support by Diabetes Experts

2. Wellness programs

Online and in-pharmacy programs for Diabetes prevention, Type 2, T2 starting insulin & GDM

3. Online consultation

Online private consultation with Diabetes Experts

KnowDiabetes personalized programs & services leverages technology to scale the reach of Diabetes Experts, allowing them to manage diabetes outside traditional inpatient environments.

How KnowDiabetes Supports Health Insurers

KnowDiabetes enables insurers to support members through

Access to a network qualified diabetes experts including Credentialed Diabetes Educators, Endocrinologists, Dietitians, Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists & Psychologists

Remote member support from Diabetes Experts

Online services designed to compliment face to face consultations

Personalised wellness programs designed to reduce the complications of diabetes and associated healthcare costs

Smart technology enabling scalable diabetes services outside typical in patient environments with efficient data management

Ease of Integration with existing programs or services

KnowDiabetes combines the scalable support from Diabetes Experts with technology to deliver a personalized coaching programs designed to improve health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

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