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DIABETES CARE COURSE by NADC & ADS - Promoting Excellence in Diabetes Care

About NADC & ADS

A certified ISO 9001:2015 peak national medical and scientific body in Australia for diabetes. One of its mission is to provide excellence in education for health professionals. National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) is a division of ADS established to explore mechanisms and implement strategies for improving the standard of care for people with, or at risk of diabetes.

NADC Diabetes Care Course Offers


Online learning tool

KnowDiabetes is pleased to offer the online Diabetes Care Course for Primary Care Physicians developed by the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) and their experts at National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) to primary care physicians in India and neighbouring countries.


Certification from NDCC

On completion of the course participants will have received information to assist them to:

  • Identify those at risk of developing diabetes.
  • Discuss risk prevention strategies.
  • Provide basic introductory education and information to people with diabetes.
  • Provide information to people with diabetes about complication management and screening.
  • Provide assistance with survival skills.
  • Identify basic problems with diabetes care and appropriate referral pathways.
  • Diabetes and technology (continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, flash monitoring, apps and gadgets).

Learning Modules

Certificate is available for every module

Online Videos

24 hour a day access

Online assessments

Increase the knowledge and confidence

Implementation Support


  • Artwork template for Flyers / E-mail marketing to promote the course.
  • Online registration of doctors.
  • Organise login details and send to each doctor via e-mail/SMS.


  • Provide report on enrolment and module completion per doctor.
  • Send e-mail/SMS reminders to doctors.
  • Trouble shooting and support.


  • Organise online certificates issued by ADS/NADC.
  • Full completion report to Corporate.
  • Action on the feedback.

Total course duration: 6 months