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experts advise, integrated approach and technology.

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A wellness program is a comprehensive health initiative designed to maintain or improve well-being through proper diet, exercise, stress management, and illness prevention. Wellness programs can include weight loss education, fitness challenges, smoking cessation, therapy, and many other plans designed to increase the overall health of an individual. 

Supporting individuals in between face-to-face

Physical activity can help lower your overall stress levels and improve your quality of life, both mentally and physically. Exercising regularly can have a positive effect on your mood by relieving the tension, anxiety, anger, and mild depression that often go hand-in-hand with stress. It can improve the quality of your sleep, which can be negatively impacted by stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also help boost your confidence levels.

Become a part of multidisciplinary care team

Diabetes Care Team

General practice plays a central role in managing diabetes, from identifying those at-risk through to managing both Type1 & Type2 diabetes. GP’s can initiate diabetes healthcare plans working with allied healthcare to support diabetes management.

Medical specialist qualified to diagnosis and manage conditions that affect the glands, including diabetes. Given their specialised training Endocrinologist can manage complicated diabetic presentations. They work closely with allied healthcare in the management of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

CDEs are specialists in diabetes CDEs are qualified to deliver diabetes education in accordance with the National Standards of Practice for CDEs CDEs empower people with diabetes to self-manage their condition through personalised support and care

Accredited Practising Dietitians are university-qualified professionals that hold a degree in nutrition and dietetics.  A diabetes dietitian offers specialist evidence-based dietary advice to support people with diabetes considering factors including nutritional status, medication, diabetes self-management and lifestyle.

The traditional role of the pharmacist has centred around supply of medicines and medication counselling, however there is a growing body of evidence that pharmacists, through a range of extended services, may contribute positively to the clinical and humanistic outcomes for people with diabetes.

Healthcare professional trained in the science of how people think, feel, behave and learn. Psychologists support people with diabetes to manage their behaviours including eating habits, activity levels and their overall outlook. They can also teach people effective strategies that support diabetes self-management.

Podiatrist are experts in foot care. Diabetes can increase the risk of foot ulcers and serious complications. Podiatrists help people in the care of their lower limbs and maintaining foot health to prevent complications. People with diabetes should visit a podiatrist annually for a check-up or more frequently if your feet are at high risk.

Allied health professional with extensive training in understanding the body’s response to exercise. Exercise Physiologist assist with specific exercise prescription tailored for each individual, based on their goals, preferences and ability. Ongoing exercise and activity assist in maintenance of blood glucose levels through improved glycemic control.

 KnowDiabetes endeavours to elevate the value of services offered by individual HCP to a collaborative approach with other diabetes experts. We believe that multidisciplinary team can provide the very much needed support and care to a person with diabetes.

KnowDiabetes® Services

Pre Programs

Personalised wellness programs that are developed and delivered by Australia’s
leading diabetes experts

Diabetes Digital Clinic

Audio and video consultations with qualified diabetes experts across Australia
at your convenience

Corporate Solutions

On-demand coaching services and
customised solutions for pharma and
medical device companies

KnowDiabetes Corporate Wellness Programs focuses on employers and employess individual preferences and priorities.

Education to support self management is an integral part of diabetes care. Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDE) play a major role in self-empowering people with diabetes by focussing on an individual’s needs, providing knowledge, motivation & support.

“KnowDiabetes coaching enables organisations to support their customers through one-on-one sessions delivered remotely by CDE”.

Diabetes is 24×7 for 365 days a year. Never takes a vacation.
Individuals often feel the need for support in-between consultations

“KnowDiabetes coaching complements the face-to-face care by supporting self-management”.

Often their is an assumption that the health professionals guidance during face-to-face consultation was clear, does not conflict with advice of others, and that the individual recalls the instructions clearly.

“KnowDiabetes Coaching supports collaborative-decision making reinforcing and clarifying the key messages taking into account the individuals preferences & priorities”.

Health literacy plays an important role in enabling effective partnerships. Health literacy is about how people understand information about health and health care and how they apply that information to their lives, use it to make decisions and act on it.

“KnowDiabetes Coaching uses the power of CDE to deliver care,
understand health info and help improve the health of individuals.”.

Person centered care includes respect, emotional support, information and communication, continuity and transition care coordination and access to care

“KnowDiabetes Coaching empowers individuals using the person centered care delivered by CDEs on our digital platform”.

How it works

‘Information – motivation – behavioural skills model’

Information is a prerequisite for changing behaviour, but in itself is insufficient to achieve change. MOTIVATION and BEHAVIOURAL skills are critical determinants and are independent of behaviour change

“KnowDiabetes Coaching is delivered by Credentialled Diabetes Educator(CDE). CDEs are trained and invest time and effort on supporting motivation and behavioural skills.”

Ref- ADHERENCE TO LONG-TERM THERAPIES, Evidence for action. WHO 2003

How we deliver


  • Coaching message identification

  • Message validation

  • Program design

  • Program approval

  • CDE training for pilot run


  • Test run

  • Evaluate program design

  • Go/No Go

  • CDE training for full scale up


  • Program scale up

  • Gate reviews

ROI analysis

  • Program reviews

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