KnowDiabetes® Type 2

A wellness program that helps you
be your best by involving you in
making decisions about your health

Personalised one on one
sessions covering

Do the appointments from the comfort of your home.
Video consultations conducted online via simple and secure tele-health. 


Understanding diabetes


Balancing your blood glucose levels


Healthy eating


Being active


Balancing your medication


Travel, drinking & sick days and more…

Listen to Jayne & Merle
about the program

Type 2 Program designed by

Jayne Lehmann

Registered Nurse, Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Jayne has been a Credentialled Diabetes Educator for 35 years! Jayne’s approach is to help people to create a diabetes management plan that is easy to put into practice. Jayne is consulted for her expertise in the healthcare of people with intellectual disability across Australia and was a co-author in 2014 on a Systematic Literature Review published on the topic in Diabetic Medicine in 2014.

Merle Taylor

Registered Nurse, Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Merle has been a nurse since 1975 and began her career in Practice Nursing in 1994. During her 21 years in the practice, she was the Practice Manager, Practice Nurse Manager, Diabetes Educator, and CDE.

How does it work?

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On signing up, you will receive appointment confirmation via e-mail to your account at your appointment time to start your session.

Get Started!

You will be billed $75 per month for 4 months.
Total program cost : $300
Sessions from the comfort of your home.
No traffic, parking struggle or sitting in waiting room.